Alicia and Morris


The intention behind this workshop, is to introduce and bring understanding to what Nidra is and then to go on a sensory journey through the body with;

Free form movement, Journalling, Essential oils and Breath work. Ending the time with a full Yoga Nidra experience.

The theme of the work shop is specifically centred around the heart and getting clearer on our hearts longings and needs. We use the placement of sankalpha or Intention In our practice, which we come to through the various sensory activities in the workshop. You can then go on to use this sankalpha for as long as need or feel called to.

You will require:

Eye mask
Comfy clothing
Optional to bring your own cosy blanket
  • 2 hr workshop : 350,-pp
  • 3 hr workshop : 500,-pp
If you are a yoga studio and would like to have me host this workshop I would love to hear from you;
Message or email or click the link below to book your space, payment in full by Vipps: 41468856 to secure your place

My work with yoga, body work, breath and mediation were all what lead me curiously to learn more about Yoga Nidra. Im a very visual person myself, so when I started practicing Nidra on a regular basis, I was having powerful and liberating experiences almost every time. I was amazed at the dynamics of the guided practice. How words could be used with such potent intention.  Its the way we embody these words personally that creates the intimate responses we have.

Its a deeply personal experience which can be lead in community and has potential to heal though commonality and in connection to ancestral wounds.
The amazing thing about this practise is that its very simple and available to almost everyone. Lying down in a safe, comfortable and quite space. Its not only there to heal complex traumas but acts as a deeply relaxing and nervous system rebooting exercise. It helps with sleep issues and brings you higher awareness of your entire body in a feeling, sensual capacity. So wether someone is practicing to just relax and de stress, or to work through and release painful trauma, Nidra is a safe and accessible way to do this work.