Women’s Circles

Please join us and gather with
other exceptional women like yourself,
in a warm, safe and supportive space

Next Circle is –

Sunday 16 june 14:00 – 16:00

Sunday 14 july 14:00 – 16:00




In this time together

We will deepen our senses with;

soft comfy textiles for TOUCH

cacao and herbal teas for TASTE

essential oils for SMELL

healing sounds for HEARING

guided visualisation for SIGHT

Each session with its own topic of observation.
Guided through; breath work for balance, journalling prompts, self sharing and guided visualisation.

What are the benefits of coming to these women’s circles?

Safe and supported environment

lower stress levels

improve sleep quality

rebalancing of the nervous system

gain new perspective on life situations

time devoted to your wellbeing

self love and acceptance

community amongst women

feeling heard and listened to

emotional release



I get asked sometimes, what is a women’s circle?

I have memories as a child sitting in circles at school or play groups. You could only talk when you were holding the stick and it was a time of sharing and listening.

Women have been gathering together in circles since way back, in some cases all the women in a community would meet together when they were menstruating. When you lived in small communities it was natural that the women’s menstrual cycles would sync up and what better way to celebrate fertility than to gather and rest as a group. Able to support and make use of this intuitive time of the month.

For me, a nearly 30y old women living in the world today the idea of women coming together makes me happy. We move through our life gaining labels and assumptions of who we are as women. Your a mum, a daughter, a housewife, single, a traveller, dating, unemployed, boss lady, divorced, widowed, single parent, slut, grandparent, retired, a friend, graduate, uneducated, phd and more.

Of course these are all important things that can be a part of us or in our lives, but really I don’t think they have anything to do with who we are at the core or our being. Before we add all the stuff from above, who are we really??

Sitting in a women’s circle is choosing to for a moment in your day, to take off the cape you wear and just sit as the intimate, raw woman you are.

In circle, we listen with love, witness truth for other women than ourselves, and hold sacred space for one an other to express without judgement or reaction. THIS is where the work is really done. Every woman that speaks her truth shines as a mirror back on to us. The words spoken are invaluable lesson for us all, where do these words sit in my body? What do they mean to me? How can I learn and heal from what she has shared? as we sense our ability to relate, feel compassion and use discernment, we learn more about intimacy and relationships than we could ever imagine.

When we have a personal practice, it is normally practiced by yourself, alone. We learn the ins an outs or our inner world, we form a bond and relationship with ourself, noticing our ways, nuances and habits. This deep personal work is beautiful and in need for knowing one self in the sanctuary of our mind and body. The beauty with Women’s circles is learning how we bring our knowing of true self into relationships, intimacy and communication. Its easier to sit alone at home and to feel whole and at peace with who you are. To own your truth fully and show up in relationships and intimacy often brings fears of judgement, shaming or rejection. We pierce our own comfortability of showing up 100% as who we are.

As another woman shares, can your truth stand along side hers? Is it possible for you to stay in loving awareness of what is true for you? Whilst opening enquiry deep inside, for what her words have stirred In you?