Weekly classes

My yoga classes are very much an outcome of following my intuition. When it comes to sequencing and creating a theme for the class, my true creative style is best brought out by going with the flow and listening to the energies around me. I draw on what feels natural in the moment and then the class develops from there. Guiding you through a truly organic and heart felt class is important for you to feel free and safe to express your truest self.

New Prices from May 2019

Drop in – 150,-

10 classes – 1200,-

5 classes – 580,-

limited spaces, so please do book ahead if possible, you can message me via facebook, instagram or email.

Wednesdays         20:00 – 21:00        The Slow Flow     60min

The class will have a similar structure to Thursdays, warming up, moving into strength and mobility, ending with deep relaxation. The difference with this class is in the middle portion, instead of a continuous flowing sequence of postures, we will take each pose at a time (hence slow flow) there will be less poses, but more time spent in transitions, from one pose to the next eventually building up to a final pose. You will notice shaking muscles and the patience to find balance & breath. I recommend this class for all levels, you can be a beginner and a seasoned yogi and still find your edge during the practice.

Thursdays        19:45-21:00        Move & Flow         75min

This class is uplifting and powerful, its designed to get you into your body and build heat. We always start with slowly warming the body, moving into strength and mobility, ending with deep relaxation. This class is for those seeking a stronger more physical class. Learning to respect your body and move from where you are on that day. I recommend this class to those who have practiced yoga before and have a general knowledge of the poses, simple breathe control and ability to link poses together in flow.

Fridays       18:00-19:30       Restore & Release with Yoga Nidra      90min

Its Friday so this class is help you let go of anything from the past week and be refreshed and ready to fully enjoy your weekend. The first 50 mins are relaxing restorative poses where we will connect deeply with our breath and ease into our, hips, shoulders, spine and chest. The second part of the class will be lying down in the most comfortable position you can dream of. I will then begin to guide you through a “Yoga Nidra” this experience is truly calming and just 30min of Yoga Nidra can give you as much as 2hrs of deep delta sleep. Your body and mind become totally asleep while your conscious awareness is awakened giving your body time to heal. This class is suitable for everyone, props and variation are possible for you to find comfort in your own body.

Yoga combines the movement and alignment of the body with the complexities of the human mind, and becoming aware of our inner self, which has a huge capacity to affect both our mind and body.


If your are suffering from illness or injury please consult your doctor first before trying a new type of exercise.