wellness sessions

Private wellness sessions

Private one-on-one 75min – 695,-

Private 6 x 75min tailor made package – 3500,-

You can also book me for corporate yoga at the work place, birthdays and bachelorette parties. Contact me for pricing

Whether you want one on one tuition or would like a private group class. I have all the equipment and props and can either bring them to your chosen location or you can come to my studio in Geilo. You can choose from 45min up to hiring me for a whole day to do different yoga activities.

If you are new to yoga this is a great way to get a personalised guidance to help you get the most joy and understanding out of the practice. Yoga is a beautiful practice which is very personal and meant for your own self development, sometimes it can be intimidating taking the leap into a class for the first time, with other people straight away. If you are already practicing yoga and have something you are working towards or would like to try something new and would like the full attention and knowledge of your own teacher, a private class can really bring you on leaps and bounds and bring you ever closer to your sacred life.

Bringing yoga into the workspace is a great way to give back to your employees and increase work productivity and happiness. It gets everyone away from the day to day hustle for just enough time to rejuvenate and get the mind body flowing. You would be surprised at how much of a positive affect, just a small amount of time on the yoga mat, can have.

Looking for a gorgeous activity to celebrate someone specials birthday or bachelorette??? Yoga is such a fun and beautiful way to practice with friends and family. As part of a pamper day spent relaxing or combined with a day full of activities, yoga fits in perfectly and will leave everyone feeling blissed out and full of love.


Thai yoga massage


Full body 90min – 895,-

Half body 45min – 495,-

This ancient form of body work, is a way of aligning the energy points through out the body. The giver is guided by breath and uses his or her palms with their own body weight to gage the right amount of pressure to the muscles. Yoga like movements help to open and release the meridians and unblock any stress and tension in the muscles.

Typically a full session is 90mins, starting at the feet working slowly up through the body finishing with the head and face. You can be fully clothed and I recommend, fitness clothes or pyjama type wear, which is comfortable and not to thick. its also helpful to have the arms uncovered. I like to create a peaceful and calming atmosphere, lighting candles, using a essential oil diffuser and playing relaxing dreamy music. Before we start I ask you a couple of questions about yourself and talk you through what I will be doing, I like to start by taking three breaths together, this way I find always helps you into a relaxed safe place before we start. After that all you have to do is relax and enjoy this gift to yourself.

Christmas candle bokeh


The Art of meditation, this is really the art of living in the now. So many of our stresses and anxiety in life come from living in past or future thoughts, trying, in our mind to find the answers to things that have already happened or that may or may not happen in the future. Meditation is a tool that we can use to help surrender our mind and the repetitive stories which we tell ourselves and connect more with the now, the present moment. In these moments of being completely in the now, our mind is then able to function in it’s most efficient way, decision making becomes clear, unclouded by emotion and our intuition is at its most powerful. Using breathing techniques, simple stretches and discussion. This can be a private class, if your looking to get into a meditation practice, or always check my social media for my four class program for beginners, “The art of meditation” .

Breath work

Breath, connecting the body, mind and spirt.

I will be guiding you to better breathing habits in a fun and creative way

  • discussion of breathing and the different affects it can have on our mind and body
  • massage technique for opening and expanding the diaphragm and rib cage
  • heart opening yoga practice
  • tips on finding your comfortable sited position for breath work and meditation
  • making your own diaphragm model
  • practice of 3 different breathing techniques
  • meditation