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we all have a story we will never tell

Each month you will receive a personal, unique and intimate yoga nidra, transcribed from the knowledge uncovered in our 1 to 1 sessions Each Nidra will be an imprint and guide for assisting you through this powerful (1)

we all have a story we will never tell

If what I have written above fills your heart with wonder and belonging, then this work is for you.

Do you feel there is a deeper connection with your thoughts and emotions? Do you feel inspired to learn more about self awareness and the powerful effect it has on our day to to existence? Do you long to have an intimate loving relationship with your body and mind and to feel all areas of empowerment? would you like to build strength and compassion around interacting with your fears and beliefs? Knowing that you can guide yourself with clarity and lovingness through all areas of life? relationships, work, money, love, family.

This 3 month, guidance, is designed to work with you where you are and give support, space, and safety for you to fully dive into the work, of Lasting Transformation. Its a sacred commitment to yourself, that you are holding your worth and potential as a powerful teacher. I lovingly hold this safe space and guide with care and discernment. I work from my heart, leading with vulnerability, honesty and compassion. I my self continue on my own path of awareness and hope that my humility and faith, that we are capable of so much more, is transmuted and radiates from our work together.

If you are ready, or feel you want to know more, just leave your name, email and anythings else you want to say on the boxes below. Then we can take it from there, feeling into our potential of working together.