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Storestølen Fjellretreat

20-22 Sept 2019

Egenkjærlighet event

Siri and I are beyond excited and grateful, to offer this deeply beautiful Weekend

Grounding HEART Centered Movement For The Soul.

Trusting The Power Of AWARENESS & How Deep It Can Heal.

Recognise The INTUITIVE Power Of Your Heart And Return To Your True SELF

Its going to be a weekend full of heartfelt empowerment.
We would LOVE for you to be apart of this magical retreat and experience lasting transformation with us

Early Bird price until 30.june 2019

We invite you to this weekend in clean, beautiful and powerful mountain energy.

Through Yoga Nidra and MediYoga you will go on a journey to get in touch with your inner energy systems; the nervous system and the hormone system in particular. With a small dose of theory, we guide you through the weekend in a safe and open space. The main focus will be on getting deeper into your intuition and your heart through awareness and how deeply healing it is! You have several sources of energy that are a gift to become conscious of and learn more about. Your nerve and hormonal system – a magic interaction – is greatly affected when you are exposed to stress of all types, bearing on old patterns and belief systems, traumas and emotions. To get deeper, it is essential to know something about what triggers your system – the body, the emotions, and the mind ~ what can contribute to redemption so you can free yourself and open up the power of your intuition.

The food at Storestølen is an experience in itself. With a focus on pure and natural food, which we are passionate about in every way ~ a pure joy and pleasure. We acknowledge that food is medicine for the body, soul and mind!

Nature on Saturday we will go for a hike in the beautiful autumn nature. The energy of nature assists us with its healing power and we focus on becoming even more conscious of this power and being in oneness with it. Weather permitting.


About Rachel & Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is my love and go to healing practice. The first time I experienced this beautiful guided meditation I knew straight away it was transformational beyond many other spiritual practices. You can call it Yogic sleep, and this translates to when the physical body and analytical mind are led into a deep relaxed state, through a system of specifically designed experiences. The real work is done in the acute awareness of your consciousness, finding that sweet spot where the body is still, and a self-healing process begins. This is where you can access, coherence throughout your entire body and have an overwhelming sense of wholeness. The beauty comes from being able to design Yoga Nidra to work with a particular emotional state or issue, creating a potent and specific healing tool that is accessible to most.

Rachel was born in the UK, as a teenager she first experienced yoga alongside her mother. After spending time living and working abroad in France and Australia, Rachel moved to Norway where she reconnected with her love of yoga through a difficult transition. Her intuitive self-awareness has led her on a path of self-discovery, where she has sought out invaluable teachers and mentors to inspire and guide her personal growth. She runs a tiny yoga space in the Norwegian ski town Geilo with focus on community and wellness. Her truest work is through teaching the healing power of sensing our bodies through intuitive awareness. You will find Rachel facilitating, Yoga Nidra, Women’s Circles, mentoring 1 to 1 and trainings on developing your own intuitive daily practices, all with the intention of presence, clarity and freedom. Rachel honours safe and supportive space for Love to be present and truly felt by the people around her. Rachel believes transformation as the essence of life.

Om MediYoga og Siri;

MediYoga ~ en terapeutisk yogaform som passer for alle mennesker, også de med fysiske eller psykiske begrensninger. En myk, meditativ yoga med pusteøvelser, myke bevegelser og meditasjon. Er du helt frisk kan MediYoga gi deg økt bevissthet, stabilitet, ro og harmoni. Fokus er på å skape balanse i ditt sinn, din kropp, dine følelser/emosjoner og din åndelige/spirituelle del. Et magisk verktøy for å balansere stress, det hormonelle systemet og nervesystemet.

Siri brenner for og har et stort engasjement i å dele visdom, kunnskap og verktøy ut ifra hva som har fungert på hennes egen reise til et bedre liv i mer balanse og sannhet. Essensen i å åpne for å kjenne i egen kropp, bli bevisst tankemønster, tros mønster/system, holdninger, traumer og følelser, er det hun erfarer selv er tilgangen til å skape endringer i livet. Hun har stor tro på å møte hele mennesket ~ hvert enkelt menneske der de er ~ det er veldig forskjellig, alle er unike i sin historie. Inspirasjon henter hun fra mange ulike kilder, mest fra mennesker hun møter i veiledning, yogakurs, foredrag, Retreats og i dagliglivet som har hentet inspirasjon og mot til å stå i sin kraft til å skape endringer i sitt liv! Mange av hennes lærere, mentorer, venner og familie inspirerer henne til å fortsette å stå i sin egen indre kraft til å bistå andre til å bli bevisst at alt finnes inne i oss mennesker.  

Siri har lang erfaring med å møte mennesker etter 18 år i hotellbransjen og 18 år som treningsinstruktør og veileder i flere treningsformer. 

Siri er utdannet MediYoga lærer og terapeut, ernæringsterapeut og terapeut i bevisstgjørende og intuitiv veiledning. Hun har holdt en rekke foredrag og kurs innen tema om ernæring ut ifra et naturmedisinsk perspektiv, stress og dets påvirkning, selvutvikling/bevisstgjøring/endringsprosess, Mindfulness, meditasjon og MediYoga. Veileder til daglig mennesker en til en innen alle

We welcome you from the heart, to the mountains in September!

best wishes Siri & Rachel



Alicia and Morris


The intention behind this workshop, is to introduce and bring understanding to what Nidra is and then to go on a sensory journey through the body with;

Free form movement, Journalling, Essential oils and Breath work. Ending the time with a full Yoga Nidra experience.

The theme of the work shop is specifically centred around the heart and getting clearer on our hearts longings and needs. We use the placement of sankalpha or Intention In our practice, which we come to through the various sensory activities in the workshop. You can then go on to use this sankalpha for as long as need or feel called to.

You will require:

Eye mask
Comfy clothing
Optional to bring your own cosy blanket
Message or email or click the link below to book your space, payment in full by Vipps: 41468856 to secure your place

My work with yoga, body work, breath and mediation were all what lead me curiously to learn more about Yoga Nidra. Im a very visual person myself, so when I started practicing Nidra on a regular basis, I was having powerful and liberating experiences almost every time. I was amazed at the dynamics of the guided practice. How words could be used with such potent intention.  Its the way we embody these words personally that creates the intimate responses we have.

Its a deeply personal experience which can be lead in community and has potential to heal though commonality and in connection to ancestral wounds.
The amazing thing about this practise is that its very simple and available to almost everyone. Lying down in a safe, comfortable and quite space. Its not only there to heal complex traumas but acts as a deeply relaxing and nervous system rebooting exercise. It helps with sleep issues and brings you higher awareness of your entire body in a feeling, sensual capacity. So wether someone is practicing to just relax and de stress, or to work through and release painful trauma, Nidra is a safe and accessible way to do this work.