When you ask, you receive

I was always the person that thought getting help for my life was not possible, that there wasn’t people out there doing this type of work. It wasn’t until I came up against one of my most difficult times of my life, when I simply realised I didn’t at that point have the tools or ability to find the answers, it was just so far away from me and the challenge seemed to great to do alone. I thought that maybe I could find someone a (professional) to ask my questions to and talk out everything that was going on, in some hope that their support and experience would help guide me to find my answers……….I let my intuition guide me to find someone who spoke to me……that through their marketing I fully felt exactly what they were offering and they were speaking it with authenticity, real understanding and knowledge through experience. That was key In finding a mentor that I thought would actually be helpful and worth my money/time. Once I found the person I fully committed, feeling nervous, excited and also a little scared. Once you commit, its now about showing up fully for your self in each session, to make the most out of your experience. A guide or mentor, should always do their best to meet your needs…..but if you as the client are not showing up fully present in the session it can really lower the impact or progression. So I decided I was going to fully show up for myself, and also I was paying for this so it made sense to do my best. I had the trust in my mentor so it was really up to me to follow through, on homework, working on myself and being vulnerable.

The outcome of spending my time and money with an expert……..was to be honest completely full of all kinds of emotional responses……….I expressed and shared truths about myself, that I hadn’t really ever acknowledged. I got instant answers to some of my questions, simultaneously I opened up new questions or thoughts……….one thing that became very clear to me, was that each time a question got answered and it inevitable lead me into another………my panic and stress was reduced and my ability to see clearly and without judgement increased. I was becoming greater at managing my uncertainly and negativity….I was learning from my own experiences that whatever is causing resistance or pain, has its tipping point, its moment where my perspective shifts and the pain becomes a teacher…a guiding light..a point where more makes sense then doesn’t make sense.

Sometimes…..we just need someone we trust to be a support. And often when we are faced with personal and intimate issues, we can find it hard to locate the person we feel comfortable sharing with, who can also offer support and knowledge.

The greatest feeling can be realising you are not alone in what you are going through, that the person holding the space for you right now, has been where you are and has come through the discomfort to a better place. We learn so much about ourself that the unfolding and uncertain future becomes that little bit less scary and we can lean into our potential and trust our intuition to guide us though.

In simple words…….a safe supported place to express your thoughts is 100% the greatest gift for transformation and change. You are not alone in this……

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