Community – finding your tribe

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Lets talk about community………………I’ll let you into a little secret, a loving, nurturing and resilient community can help heal a lost soul. Your lost soul. Yep thats it, community is everything. It can shine a light on your deepest desires, confront you with your scariest shadows, hold your hand through the toughest of times, be your biggest support and cheerleader, honour your space of growth and even occasionally water your seeds of dreams when you are unable to. They wont let you down and they sure as hell wont let you give up on your self. I have tears running down my face writing this, because I’m not just writing this from a book I’ve read or a post I liked on social media, I’m writing this from a place deep in my heart. A place thats has been lost for to long a time. Why share this piece of vulnerability with you? because I know now, that I’m not the only person to feel this way, especially when it comes to community amongst women. All to much do I see women including myself, dumb down or suppress their femininity, in order to become harder and stronger in this prominently masculine world. Being successful is often thought of as dominance, notoriety and winning. If you take a moment to breath deep and connect with your heart, ask yourself, what does success mean for you? A whole multitude of things could come up from this, its a pretty big question and everyones answers will be different, but the chances are your thoughts don’t include causing pain and suffering in others, or to make anyone feel less than because of what you think is right. If you had it your way, your path to success would be of learning, growing and loving in a thriving community where everyone is able to follow their dreams whilst in the love and support of the men and women around them. There are no feelings of lack or not enough to go around. The abundance of this planet provides for every single one of us, we all have the space to plant our seeds of dreams and create the perfect conditions for them to grow in. It can seem so far away from your experience right now, but I’m here to say, that it doesn’t need to be like this. There are changes happening right now, right this moment, another woman is experiencing and receiving a gift so powerful, so much bigger and brighter, that her heart fills with so much love and high vibration. She feels the change as a force greater than herself, she knows now, it is the time for her to let down here walls of fear and walk out into this world as a woman of the earth, a woman who embraces all that she is, a guiding light for others to see her, join her and truly bring change into this world. The importance of creating balance between the masculine and feminine, is so important right now and it takes every one of us to step up and be their own voice of change in their communities around the world. Great leaders listen to the voices of all their people, great communities are built in the same way.

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